SCB Difference

Gain Resources Without Selling Out

Storied Craft Breweries offers a significant number of advantages over other investors, from capital to expansion, quality control, retention of ownership and key employees - all the way through distribution. We work with your management team to deliver the best opportunities for your brewery.

Significant challenges in growth, operations, distribution and marketing are met with solutions for capital, purchasing and supply chains by a team with 30 years of marketing, advertising and sales expertise across all disciplines.

Our flexible structure works with brewery management to ensure the entrepreneurial culture, authenticity, heritage and independence of your brewery continues through expansion - and into the future.


for capacity expansion or increased investment in marketing for current market penetration or market expansion


30 years' experience plus ongoing and current relationships in over 70 markets nationally, engaging retail, bars, restaurants and nightclubs


significant long-standing relationships with the largest nationwide beer distributors (and flexibility to utilize best distributor in each market)


flexible ownership and exit strategy for breweries and existing stakeholders with a white board approach

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