Our Approach

Storied Craft Breweries offers an all-encompassing bridge between craft breweries and financial investments.

We realize a wide range of opportunities for craft breweries and investors alike. We help create efficiencies and scalability while supporting independent breweries through all facets of business. Significant challenges in growth, distribution and marketing are met with solutions for capital, purchasing and supply chains. Operational, financial and HR solutions are designed and custom fit to align with a craft brewery's heritage, ensuring culture and traditions remain intact as the business grows.

Craft Beer Marketing

One of our major strengths lies in our proven track record of creating and successfully executing marketing and sales programs within the Beverage Alcohol Industry. Our experience includes:

  • Localized and national on/off-premise consumer and trade programs
  • Experiential, event and sponsorship marketing
  • Brand ambassador programs
  • Social, mobile and digital marketing
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Retail shopper marketing
  • Brand training

Craft Brewery Operational Expertise

We work with brewery owners and management teams while assisting in brand development. Our focus is on Growth Capital, not Venture or Private Equity, allowing our partners to stay true to their values while helping them utilize best practices to continue to innovate and expand without negatively affecting their culture or heritage.

Legal, Financial and HR Development for Craft Breweries

We also assist in structuring, whether through purchasing, supply chain or operations. We help optimize and solidify a breweries' foundation on best practices to allow for scalable growth. SCB can also assist with HR, Financial Services and Legal, including benefits management, talent development, employee incentive programs compliance and much more.

Our approach is anchored in the determination to deliver independently crafted, high quality products. We are committed to the talent and to the story:

For Investors:

  • Supplier, Distributor, Retailer: All three tiers attract high margins
  • Investment in an industry whose demand has accelerated growth over the past 5 years
  • Current 11% of volume share in U.S. beer category expected to reach 20% market share by 2020
  • In the first 6 months of 2015 total craft volume hit 12.2MM barrels, versus 10.6MM barrels in 2014, a 16% increase
  • As of June 30th, 2015 there were 3,739 craft breweries in the US. Up 699 breweries from June of 2014 (Approximately 2-openings per day)

For Independent Craft Beer Brewers:

  • Perpetuate an entrepreneurial culture fostering brewery expansion while staying true to the craft brewer's heritage
  • Provide expertise in marketing, finance, operations, and distribution
  • Create efficiencies and scale across breweries resulting in improved margins
  • Design long term plans for sustained growth

Craft breweries are poised to see incredible opportunities for growth in the coming years. Storied Craft Breweries wants to ensure that this growth continues with its spirit intact. Visit our news page for current information on the industry and Storied Craft Breweries.

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