Craft Beer Industry Growth and Sustainability

The popularity of craft beer as we know it today in the United States can be traced to the acquisition of the Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco by Fritz Maytag in 1965.

Maytag’s acquisition and the subsequent revival of craft beers spread quickly across the country. Craft beer brewers began setting up microbreweries within or adjacent to bars, leading to direct sales to consumers from ‘brewpubs’. Brewers began producing their craft beers on a larger scale, which lead to the expansion of their craft brewing facilities.

Craft Beer Brewing Industry Definitions

According to the Brewers’ Association, craft beer production figures help separate craft breweries into categories by numbers of barrels produced (a US barrel or “bbl” is equal to 13.777 cases of beer). Those definitions are as follows:

Craft Breweries

Craft Breweries are able to produce 6,000,000 barrels (bbl) or less annually and were less than 25% owned by a non-craft brewer.

Regional Craft Breweries

A Regional Craft Brewery is able to produce more than 15,000 bbl with majority of volume in “traditional” or “innovative” beers


A Microbrewery produces less than 15,000 bbl of beer with 75% or more of its beer sold off-site


A Brewpub or restaurant brewery that sells 25% or more on site - beer is brewed primarily for sale in the restaurant and bar

The Future of the Craft Brewery

Over the past 5 years, consumer demand has accelerated the growth of craft brewing. Perhaps the strongest catalyst is accommodating the lifestyle and taste choices of a new generation of consumers whose food choices include more accessible local and organic choices than ever before.

In 2014, over 3,400 craft brewers were in operation, opening at a rate of 1.5 per day. As of March 2015, craft brewers were producing 1 out of every 10 beers sold.

How to Grow Your Craft Brewery

Storied Craft Breweries is focused on helping to grow the reach and capabilities of craft breweries while maintaining the spirit and authenticity of the brewer. Our range of experience and expertise in the craft beer industry positions us as the ideal partner to grow your craft brewery while keeping its culture intact.

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